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Canopy Software Release was released in February of 2007.

Notable Changes

This version is primarily a bug fix version to fix a critical Ethernet bug which exists in 8.1.4.

User Reported Bugs/Issues/Problems

8.1.5.x NAT DHCP client is not behaving correctly. It requests addresses from DHCP but then refuses to use them and re-requests. Reported by Bryan Scott/Wireless Beehive 8/3/2007

Release Note Bugs

The following bugs are documented on the official Motorola Release Note for this version:

Bugs:2X CIR - [major] When a radio goes into 2X mode, the CIR values are effectively doubled

Bugs:NAT DHCP Reset - [major] SM's occasionally reset when NAT and DHCP client are enabled.

Bugs:PDA Autorefresh - [minor] The PDA page does not autorefresh

Bugs:NAT IPsec [medium] NAT will not pass IPsec packets correctly; kills mst VPN clients

Bugs:Scheduling Display - [minor] The Key features page incorrectly indicates software scheduling type

Bugs:P10 CarSenseLost - [minor] On P10 Hardware, the CarSenseLost counter is erroneously incremented on every transmitted packet

Bugs:MIR Link Test - [minor] Link test with MIR must be enabled/disabled on both ends to get correct results.

Bugs:NAT Assignment - [minor] SM's can hand out already assigned DHCP addresses after a reboot

Bugs:Confirm Password - [minor] When adding a new user, the confirm password field is not verified

Bugs:DHCP filter - [minor] When the bootp filter is enabled on a SM, it cannot obtain a DHCP address.

Bugs:Unclear IP - [minor] When DCHP is enabled, it is hard to determine the module's IP address.

Bugs:ARP Table - [minor] There is no ARP stats page.

Bugs:CNUT HTTP Lockup - [minor] CNUT can lock up HTTP and/or Telnet access to a radio

Bugs:SNMP ColdStart trap - [minor] SNMP ColdStart traps are not being sent

Bugs:SNMP Add User - [minor] Users cannot be added via SNMP

Bugs:SNMP Subnet - [minor] SNMP Accessing subnet masks other than /8, /16, /24 and /32 may not work.

Bugs:SNMP Duplicate OID - [minor] SM dhcpServerTable and adaptRate OID's are identical

Bugs:SNMP Subnet Reboot - [minor] SNMP Accessing Subnet changes take place immediately, instead of requiring a reboot.

Bugs:SNMP Uplink Index - [minor] There is no way to retrieve the uplink index via SNMP.

Bugs:SNMP Consistency - [minor] The SM MIB calls the same parameter smRateAdapt in one spot and twoXRate in another.