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(this text was copied directly from Wireless Beehive)



2nd Annual Motorola Canopy® Technical Users Forum
Salt Lake City, Utah
"Turning sheep into pigs since 2007"
Jan 17 - 18, 2008
Free to attendees. Vendors will be asked to help with expenses.
Put it on your calendar!

Potential Topics for Discussion

These items may change, depending on availability of presenters, material, the weather, etc.
Remember, this is a technical forum. Business, legal, and financial issues are not our focus.

Discussed on Part-15:

  • Radio Mobile (Gino, Bob, Chuck?)
  • Homebrew Projects
  • Sources of Interference (900 filters)
  • Long Haul (LRE, VDSL, copper & fiber)
  • Hotspots (captive portals, etc. Bryan others )
  • Timing (theory, third party products, Forrest, Last Mile)

Areas of interest from this year's questionnaires that may be included:

  • Installation Techniques
  • Managing CPE (BAM, Prizm, RADIUS, billing)
  • Managing Infrastructure (SNMP, routing/switching (Cisco)Bryan Scott, others)
  • RF theory (Chuck McCown)
  • Real-life experiences; problems & resolutions


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