Animal Farm 2010

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4th Annual Motorola Canopy® Technical Users Forum
Salt Lake City, Utah
"Turning sheep into pigs since 2007"
January 2010


Utah State Fair Park
155 North 1000 West
(Just off North Temple)
Salt Lake City, Utah


Fees for attending, there has been some discussion as to wether or not to charge a fee to attendees. The primary reason that this was brought up was because there were almost as many no-shows as there were non-rsvps. The feeling is that if a fee is charged at registration, there will be less no-shows and only people that seriously want to attend will pay the fee to register. Along with this is the idea that there should not be any barrier to attend, so with that in mind, Chuck McCown suggested $50 fee that includes a T-Shirt for all attendees, along with the other feebies that the vendors will give out as well as lunches and dinners.

2010 Presentation, discussion, and breakout topics include (in no particular order):


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