FCC Canopy Reflector Authorization Opinion

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From: Joe Dichoso To: Chuck McCown Cc: Rashmi Doshi ; Raymond Laforge Sent: Friday, February 06, 2009 7:41 AM Subject: RE: type approval question

Hello Chuck,

Per the rules on Part 15 antenna modifications is in Section 15.204, only antennas of the same type can be used. For this device, antennas of the same type with the same or lower gain can be used per 15.204c(4) without testing. Any antenna with higher gain or of any type other than what is listed in the filing per 15.204(c)3 needs appropriate testing and either a class II filing by the grantee or a new filing by a third party. Testing of the higher gain antenna is needed because the emissions will be higher than what was approved. Testing with a different antenna type (even with lower gain) is needed due to spurious emissions, not only harmonic spurious emissions but also band-edge compliance.

Regarding the use of a reflector, if this increases the range of the device or is not listed in the equipment authorization, it cannot be used.