FCC Connectorizing Opinion

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When queried about connectorized canopy units, the FCC replied (in part) as follows:

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From: "Joe Dichoso" <Joe.Dichoso@fcc.gov> To: "Chuck McCown Sent: Friday, February 20, 2009 7:20 AM Subject: RE: Part 15 questions continue

. . . Section 15.204 covers the antenna modification requirements. . . .

§ 15.204 External radio frequency power amplifiers and antenna modifications. . . .

(b) A transmission system consisting of an intentional radiator, an external radio frequency power amplifier, and an antenna, may be authorized, marketed and used under this part. Except as described otherwise in this section, when a transmission system is authorized as a system, it must always be marketed as a complete system and must always be used in the configuration in which it was authorized.

c) An intentional radiator may be operated only with the antenna with which it is authorized. If an antenna is marketed with the intentional radiator, it shall be of a type which is authorized with the intentional radiator. An intentional radiator may be authorized with multiple antenna types.