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Prizm is available now at a special promotional price of $2,850 MSRP extended through March 31, 2007

Ordering software from Motorola has never been easier. Customers no longer need an order authorization number to place a software order. The ordering process consists of the following simple steps:

If you are an end-user customer:

  • Place an order with your Reseller with the part number and quantity of software licenses.
  • Your reseller will e-mail you an entitlement ID.
  • Log in to the Motorola's licensing portal and use the entitlement ID and the MAC address of your license manager to collect the software license key(s).
  • Follow the instructions for installing your floating software license or installing your fixed software license

If you are a reseller/distributor:

  • Resellers place the order with your Distributor. (Note: Do not combine customer software orders on the same purchase order; use separate purchase orders for different customers.)
  • Distributors place the software order with Motorola. (Again, use separate purchase orders for different customers.)
  • After the order is processed, the Distributor will receive an e-mail with an "entitlement id".
  • Distributors will forward the e-mail entitlement to the reseller.
  • Resellers will then forward the entitlement id to the end-user customer

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