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WISPA Organization

WISPA - Wireless Internet Service Providers Association is a 501c6 Trade Association founded to promote and improve the WISP industry. It is primarily made up of WISP operators who deliver broadband Internet access using BWA technologies including a number of standards based and proprietary systems. Its members run the organization and lobby the FCC and Congress for rules and laws favorable to the needs of the industry. More information can be found at Membership can be applied for by going to WISPA supplies many email list servers specializing in workgroups, committees and general information relating to the industry. Some of these lists are free to all and some require paid membership in the organization.


PART-15.ORG provides a place for all users of the license free spectrum to come together as a whole. We concentrate heavily on the use of the unlicensed spectrum to provide a single source for those wishing to profit from this use and at the same time provide a meaningful alternative to hardwired broadband access.

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