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One of the most versatile telemetry units that is ideal for Canopy AP sites is made by EtherTek Circuits. RMS V1 is powered by 10-60 VDC which covers all possible Canopy powering systems. It draws 75 mA which equates to less than one watt at 12 volts. Compared to the 7-9 watt draw of an AP, this system is ideal for solar powered sites. RMS V2 draws 1-4 watts depending on how many relays and other I/O devices are energized. It also runs Linux, hence the name: Super RMS.

Use SRMS to monitor battery levels, room temperature, and more. Use the power relays to remote start a generator. SRMS has 5 dedicated input pins used for door alarms or to monitor motion sensors. SRMS has a full featured serial port, control modems, cell phones, gsm modules, and other devices that use serial communication. SRMS has a USB port that supports several USB devices concurrently using a USB hub. Control USB cameras, store data on USB flash drives etc. SRMS has input and output pins used to control your own custom devices. SRMS can alert you via email when your battery bank is low. SRMS has ping monitor software that allows you to monitor network devices and alert you to failure and possibly power cycle the device.

  • RMS V2 Features:
  • 1) Three 0 to +2.5 vdc Volt Meters. Perfect for measuring voltage drop across current shunts.
  • 2) Three 0 to +30 vdc General Purpose Volt Meters.
  • 3) Two 0 to +60 vdc General Purpose Volt Meters.
  • 4) One on board temperature sensor –30c +60c.
  • 5) Dual Low noise switching power supplies, SRMS accepts 10-60 vdc input.
  • 6) Three power relays for devices using 1 – 240v -5 amps AC/DC current.
  • 7) One power relay for devices using 1 – 240v -15 amps AC/DC current.
  • 8) Power outputs, 5.0vdc and 3.3vdc (500ma each).
  • 9) Serial port for controlling cell phones, modems etc.
  • 10) High performance 10/100 Ethernet connectivity.
  • 11) 100 MHz Etrax Risc processor with MMU, 4 megs Flash, 16 Megs DRAM.
  • 12) Hyper accurate 24 bit Analog to Digital converter with 8 channel mux.
  • 13) Five I2C ports for controlling I2C devices, LCD displays etc.
  • 14) USB port for cameras, wireless clients, extra ethernet etc.
  • 15) Runs real Linux! 2.6.19 kernel.
  • 16) Command line utilities: ping, ftp, email, relays, etc.
  • 17) Flash new firmware over the internet.
  • 18) Hardware Watchdog Reset.
  • 19) Control SRMS via web page, telnet, or ssh.
  • 20) Make your own utilities and scripts to upload.
  • 21) Pluggable connectors for ease of use.


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