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Only software licensed or released under the GPL or Open Source licenses and offered free of charge should be posted here, there are other places on the Wiki for closed source/commercial applications.


Linux (bash/bsh/sh)

Find MAC


This script can search a list of AP addresses and find a given MAC address in the bridge tables, and then output the LUID and the IP address of the APs on which it was found. Really good for when you need to find a rogue PC/Router and only know the MAC address, this script will tell you right where it's at.

  • Requires NetSNMP with the Canopy Enterprise Mibs loaded.
  • Changelog is located within the script, version 1.1 now includes a readme file with usage and installation information.

Download Files

Microsoft Windows (Win32 batch files and executables)

Multiplatform (Perl, Python, Java, JavaScript)

Canopy Config Script


This script will help you set up a Canopy Subscriber Module to make installs faster. Just open the HTML file in any compatible browser (IE, Firefox, etc) and choose the appropriate settings for use with your network. If you require different settings than are available in the current script, you will have to make those changes on your own as there are just too many configurations to cover with one script.

  • Currently works with version 8.0 through 9.0 Canopy releases
  • Add v9.0 support in release 2.4
  • Release notes are contained in the file

Download Files