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Courtesy of Tim Hogard


Available Commands


addwebfile filename -- Add a custom web file This take filename and copies it to the flash memory. Transfer a file to the canopy unit 1st and then use this to overwrite the factory defaults. clearwebfile will undo this. To override the image at the top of each web page, upload a new canopy.jpg image and use 'addwebfile canopy.jpg' to replace the existing one. You can only add a file once and you must remove all web pages if you need to update an existing file you've transferred. See lsweb to see what files have been uploaded.


antennagain filename -- Set Antenna Gain parameter for the radio. This will set antenna gain for some radios with external antennas.


arp [-a | -d host | -s host either_addr [temp] | arp -f filename] -- Display, set, and delete arp table entries. From Unix.

'arp -a' will give a list of all the known ip address and their arp addresses.
'arp -d ip_address' will delete an arp entry for a specifc ip address.
'arp -s ip_address ether_addr' doesn't seem to work but I've had it work before.
'arp -f filename' This should read filename and set an arp address for several ip addresses.


bcb -- bcb -- Print BridgeCb This info is on the web page bridgecbstat.html.


bertoff -- Turn on/off BERT test, berton/bertoff. You must telnet in again to run bertoff.


berton -- Turn on/off BERT test, berton/bertoff. Runs some test. You must telnet in again to run bertoff to turn it


bitset address mask -- set mask bit(s) at address, (32bits).


bitclr address mask -- clear mask bits at address. This clears all the bits that are ones in the mask in the 32 bit region at address.


bootinfo -- Display boot image info. It shows the boot header info.


btbl -- bcb -- Print BridgeCb. Same info is on web page. this shows the bridging table mac address.


burnfile -- Burn flash from file. This updates the system software. 'Burnfile boot.bin'to use file boot.bin (but boot.bin is the default). Newer versions require SMboot.bin for a SM or APboot.bin for an AP. It will also install the bootloader block.bin. On P9 hardware the FPGA code is included in *boot.bin.


calpower [new_value] -- Calibrate the power Level of the radio.


calslicer [new_value] -- Calibrate the slicing value of the radio.


calrssi [new_value] -- Calibrate the RSSI of the radio. This is normally about 700 to 800. A value of 300 will allow marginal radios to sync more often but they are unreliable. This apparently adjusts the internal values so that the threshhold where association will work is about 700.


callock -- Lock in the current calibration settings. cat -- Concatenate and display. From Unix. This shows a file.


cd -- Change working directory. From Unix.


clearsyslog -- Clear the system event log.


clearwebfile -- Clear all custom web files.


clraltboot -- Clear Alt image.


clrbtbl -- bcb -- Print BridgeCb. Same info is on web page.


clrrmtsyslog -- Clear remote device system log.


clrscr -- Clear the screen, using TERM value.


cmp -- Perform a byte-by-byte comparison of two files. From Unix.


cp -- Copy files. From Unix.


date -- Display or set the date. From Unix. defaulttxpower -- Display or set the default power.


du -- Display disk blocks usage. From Unix.


echo -- Echo arguments to the standard output. From Unix.


feccb -- bcb -- Print BridgeCb. Same info is on web page.


fpga_conf -- Update FPGA program.


getid -- Get user id and group id.


getpri -- Get task priority.


g -- GPS Status.


head -- Display the first few lines of the specified files. From Unix.


help -- Display reference manual pages.


httpstat -- Engineering Debug stats for the http daemon.


idlecnt -- Returns the tick count since last Idle Task switch.


ifconfig -- Configure network interface parameters. From Unix.


ip -- Modify/display IP address.


jbi -- Update FPGA program -- Dangerous.


kfactor -- Set the K-factor for the radio.


kill -- Terminate a task. From Unix.


lbt -- Serial Port LoopBack Test.


LinkQual -- LinkQual: performs link quality test. 'L 2 99' from the AP will run a 99 second test to SU 002.


ls -- List the contents of a directory. From Unix. This is like a DIR command in dos. 'ls -l' will show detail of the file.


lsweb -- List Flash Web files. This shows the files that override the default web files.


mac -- Modify/display MAC address. This may set the mac address but doesn't seem to work. It could be useful if there are mac conflicts on the net.


mkdir -- Make a directory. From Unix.


mkfs -- Construct a file system. From Unix. I suspect not useful.


mount -- Mount pHILE+ file systems. From Unix. I suspect not useful.


mv -- Move or rename files. From Unix. Like the DOS "rename" command. 'mv x y' renames x to y.


netgateway -- Modify/display Default Network Gateway IP Address. This sets the default router.


netmask -- Modify/display Network Subnet Mask.

netmask [-[1|2]] will set the netmask for one of the two interfaces.


netstat -- Shows various information about the network onthe radio.

netstat -- Show network status. From Unix
netstat -r will show the routeing table
netstat -i shows per interface stats
netstat -a shows listening sockets and active connections
netstat -s shows full stats


nfsmount -- Mount NFS file systems. Unixlike. I can't get this to work.


pcmkfs -- Construct an MS_DOS file system. Unixlike. Not useful


pcmount -- Mount MS-DOS file systems. Unixlike. Not useful


peekblock -- Read multiple long words from memory. This is a hex dump program. It only shows 128 bytes at a time.


peek -- Read long word from memory. From Basic.


ping -- Send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts. From Unix.


poke -- Write long word to memory. From Basic. Dangerous if you update flash.


popd -- Pop the directory stack. From Unix.


pushd -- Push current directory onto the directory stack. From Unix.


pwd -- Display the pathname of the current working directory. From Unix.


pwv -- Display the current working volume.


reset -- Reset the unit. Simply resets the unit.


resume -- Resume a task.


rfcb -- bcb -- Print BridgeCb. Same info is on web page.


rfofft -- Set the timeout for the RFOff command.


rfoff -- Turn off the RF and reset the FPGA.


rfsync -- Force syncronization.


rmdir -- Remove (unlink) directories. From Unix.


rm -- Remove (unlink) files. From Unix.


route -- Manipulate IP routing table. From Unix. route -a shows the route table.


rtmclr -- Clear RealTime Trace and Stats.


rtm -- Display RealTime Stats. This shows all the tasks and their stack sizes.


rtmoff -- RealTime Monitor OFF.


rtmon -- RealTime Monitor ON.


rtmt -- Display RealTime Trace.


sesstatus -- Display the current session status.


setclock -- Set the system date and time.


setenv -- Set environment variables. From Unix. This only seems to allow existing variables to be set. This is useful if your telneting out to another server and want to set the termcap entry.


setfreq -- Set Scan Frequencys. This can take a list. Better done from the web page.


setid -- Set user id and group id. Not useful here.


setpri -- Set task priority.


sleep -- Suspend execution for a specified interval. From Unix.

'sleep 10' causes the shell to return in 10 seconds. Not useful.


startmontask -- Startmontask [1..20]: starts buffer monitor broadcast.


stopmontask -- Stopmontask - stops buffer monitor broadcast.


suspend -- Suspend a task.


sync -- Force changed blocks to disk. From Unix.


syslog -- Display system event log: syslog.

syslog filename will copy the syslog to a file.


tail -- Display the last part of a file. From Unix.

'tail -5 x' shows the last 5 lines of file x.


touch -- Update the modification time of a file. From Unix.


umount -- Umount file systems. From Unix. not useful.


update -- Enable/Disable automatic SM code updating. Unknown and maybe dangerous.


version -- Display the software version string.

Shows software version and FPGA version.

These commands were found by running "help command" on each of the commands and then trying many of them.

Table of compatibility

Many commands are only found in some versions. The following table shows command compatibility

Command 2.0.0 3.1.5 4.1.4 7.3.6 8.1.4
addwebfile n Y Y Y Y
antennagain n n n Y n
arp Y Y Y Y Y
bcb Y Y Y Y Y
bertoff Y Y Y Y Y
berton Y Y Y Y Y
bitclr n n n Y
bitset n n n Y
bootinfo Y Y Y Y Y
btbl Y Y Y Y Y
burnfile Y Y Y Y n
burnflash n n n n Y
callock n Y n n n
calpower n n Y Y Y
calrssi n Y Y Y Y
calslicer n n Y Y Y
capt n n n Y Y
captmask n n n Y Y
cat Y Y Y Y n
cd Y Y Y Y n
clearsyslog Y Y Y Y Y
clearwebfile n Y Y Y Y
clraltboot Y Y Y n n
clrbtbl Y Y Y Y Y
clrrmtsyslog Y Y Y Y Y
clrscr Y Y Y Y n
cmp Y Y Y n n
cp Y Y Y Y n
date Y Y Y Y n
defaulttxpower n n n Y Y
detdccal n n n n Y
detfreqcal n n n n Y
devcal n n n Y Y
dfscal n n n Y Y
dfsthreshold n n n Y n
dhcplog n n Y Y Y
dis900freqflg n n n n Y
du Y Y Y n n
echo Y Y Y Y n
en900freqflg n n n n Y
engreset n n Y Y Y
exit n n n Y Y
feccb Y Y Y Y
fpgainfo n n Y Y Y
fpgalog n n n Y
fpgatrace n n n Y
fpgaversion n n n n Y
fpga_conf Y Y Y Y Y
ftp n n n Y Y
g Y Y Y Y
get900freqflg n n n n
gethex n n n Y Y
getid Y Y Y n n
getpri Y Y Y n n
head Y Y Y Y n
help Y Y Y Y Y
httpstat n Y Y Y n
icmpstat n n n n Y
idlecnt n Y Y Y Y
ifconfig Y Y Y n n
ip Y Y Y Y Y
ipconfig n n n n Y
ipstat n n n n Y
jbi Y Y Y Y Y
jbiflash n n n n Y
jpnodish n n Y Y
jponedish n n Y Y
jptwodish n n Y Y
kfactor n Y Y Y Y
kill Y Y Y n n
lbt Y Y Y Y
LinkQual Y Y Y Y Y
ls Y Y Y Y Y
lsweb n Y Y Y Y
mac Y Y Y Y Y
maxtxpower n n n n Y
memdump n n n n
memstat n n n n
miipeek n n n n
miipoke n n n n
minmaxtxpower n n n n Y
minsw n n n n Y
mintxpower n n n n Y
mkdir Y Y Y Y n
mkfs Y Y Y n n
mount Y Y Y n n
mv Y Y Y Y n
netgateway Y Y Y Y Y
netmask Y Y Y Y Y
netstat Y Y Y Y n
nfsmount Y Y Y n n
nomtxpower n n n Y Y
oops n n Y Y
password n n n n Y
pcmkfs Y Y Y n n
pcmount Y Y Y n n
peek Y Y Y Y
peekblock Y Y Y Y
ping Y Y Y Y Y
pldversion n n n n Y
pleh n n n Y n
poke Y Y Y Y
popd Y Y Y Y n
proxy n n n n
psh n n n n Y
pushd Y Y Y Y n
pwd Y Y Y Y n
pwv Y Y Y Y n
reset Y Y Y Y Y
resetdefault n n n Y Y
resume Y Y Y n n
rfcb Y Y Y Y Y
rfoff Y Y Y Y Y
rfofft n Y Y Y Y
rfsync Y Y Y Y Y
rm Y Y Y Y Y
rmdir Y Y Y Y n
route Y Y Y Y Y
rtm Y Y Y Y
rtmclr Y Y Y Y
rtmoff Y Y Y Y
rtmon Y Y Y Y
rtmt Y Y Y Y
rxpower n n n n Y
rxpowerfreqcal n n n n Y
rxpowerlevel n n n n Y
rxtempcal n n n n Y
serial n n n n
sesstatus Y Y Y Y Y
setclock Y Y Y Y Y
setenv Y Y Y Y n
setfreq Y Y Y Y Y
sethex n n n Y Y
setid Y Y Y n n
setisilic n n n n
setpri Y Y Y n n
settestfreq n n n n Y
settestmod n n n n Y
settestpwr n n n n Y
settestxmit n n n n Y
silentcarrier n n n n Y
sleep Y Y Y Y
slope n n n Y Y
snooze n n n n
softversion n n n n Y
startmontask n Y Y Y Y
stopmontask n Y Y Y Y
suspend Y Y Y n n
sync Y Y Y n n
syslog Y Y Y Y Y
tail Y Y Y Y n
tcxo n n n n Y
telnet n n n Y Y
tempcal n n n n Y
tfsoff n n n n Y
tfson n n n n Y
touch Y Y Y n n
tst n n n Y
txcalinfo n n n Y Y
txmodoffset n n n Y Y
txpowercal n n n Y Y
udp n n n n Y
umount Y Y Y n n
update n Y Y Y Y
updateoff n n Y Y Y
useradd n n n n Y
userdel n n n n Y
users n n n n Y
vcerr n n n Y
ver Y Y Y Y Y
version Y Y Y Y Y
zaphdwcfg n n Y Y